New numbering system for some Universal-Search results

Back in the day the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) were made up of 10 organic results and some additional Universal-Search integrations, if they fit the query. By now, Google has departed from this mode and some Universal-Search integrations (mostly News and Images) will replace the organic results for the specific position.

We will now take this behavior into account by treating such Univerersal-Search integrations as organic results. What we will not do, though, is add such results as part of the organic Visibility Index for the actual domains within the Universal-Search integrations. Instead, we have created the virtual domain “”. This will prevent different types of results from being mixed in the Toolbox.

Thanks to this change there will be some Visibility loss for domains which are regularly shown below a news- or image-box. The loss schould be less than 5 percent for nearly all domains. We are confident that whiththis change, our results will correspond much more closely to the reality in the Google-SERPs.

Numbering system before

Numbering system now