Google Search Console API Integration

Google has updated and extended their API for the Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools.)

We have just finished implementing the first step of our integration: you are now able to connect the Search Console with the Toolbox through the menu item “Google Search Console“.

Once you click on the “Create New API-Connection” button, you are taken to a page on where you can choose which Google account you would llike to connect to the Toolbox.


Once connected, we will permanently save the history for your websites key figures (impressions, clicks. CTR & average position). Google only saves the previous 90 days, which makes comparisons of long periods of time impossible.

If you want to add additional Google accounts, just add a new token for each.

For our second feature we went ahead and calculated all the important performance indicators on a directory-level: you can thereby quickly see which directories perform better or worse than the average.


Look forward to additional evaluations within the coming weeks.