Keyword Discovery: Keyword research in the toolbox

Choosing the right keywords is the basis for good rankings. With Keyword Discovery we offer you a new tool, just for this task.

Keyword Discovery is the door to accessing all the keyword knowledge and information in the Toolbox. You enter one or more keywords to start, and we’ll extend these keywords using similar terms, and sort the results so that they are easy to understand. For a full how-to explanation, see our keyword discovery tutorial.

This important combination of the SERP data (which SERP features do the keywords have?) and keyword information (search volume, CPC values) is immediately available for the UK along with countries such as Ireland, Canada and Australia. The rest of the Toolbox countries will be added over the next few months, including US.

Usage of the tool is unlimited for the time being. We know that keyword research is not done frequently, but when it’s done, it’s an intensive operation and you do not want to be unnecessarily restricted. We hope that this freedom will not be over-exploited.

Keyword discovery search results are automatically deleted after 4 weeks. For permanent storage of keywords please use the list function of the Toolbox. You can either add individual keywords or complete keyword research results there.