Keyword-Research with the SISTRIX Toolbox


There are different ways to research new keywords. You can, for example, use the ranking data with filters for your research. Or find new keywords via your competitors data. In this tutorial you are going to learn how you can use a single keyword or search term for your keyword research.

Keyword Research with the Toolbox

First, enter the desired keyword into the Toolbox search-bar. For this tutorial, we are going to use the term “baby monitor” to research similar and related keywords.

The initial view shows the overview of all current SERPs (Google Search Engine Results Pages) for this term. In the left-hand menu system you’ll see a “Tools” section.

Similar Keywords

Similar keywords are those that contain the original search term but in combination with other words. In relation to “baby monitor” this example shows “best baby monitor”, “baby video monitor” and “summer baby monitor”. When you plan new content or sub-pages for your domain and are in need of additional, important keywords for your topic, the SISTRIX Toolbox can help you decide.

Related Keywords

Related terms do not necessarily have to contain the keyword itself. Here you will get suggestions for other terms that are closely related to the term you have been searching for. If you are currently writing an article about baby monitors, for example, you can find important terms like “fetal doppler boots” on this list. You can also find known brands and product names within the “Related Keywords” list.

The tables may also show you some additional information about the keyword, like the CPC (Cost Per Click) or information on the traffic volume and traffic-trends where we have that data stored. Note that we only show the monthly traffic trends when our data is mature enough to be reliable. In general, that can take three years for a new search term.

Keyword research is not only important for new content. You can also do general keyword research for your site to see which other terms your page should rank for which will help you plan future research or site structure.

Tip: You can add keywords directly into lists. See our tutorial for lists to learn more.

Tip: You can save the list into a dashboard or a report for later distribution. Lists can also be exported as CSV files for use in other tools.


Keyword research can help to expose the breadth of a topic and ensure that you don’t miss keyword opportunities. The SISTRIX Toolbox helps you to get quick and well-sorted lists with only a few clicks.