Finding Keyword Ideas with the SISTRIX Toolbox

The Keyword Ideas feature helps you quickly gain ideas for which search queries you might also want to rank, with the help of data from the Google SERPs

To get to the Keyword Ideas, type in the domain you wish to evaluate in the search bar 1, hit enter and then click on the Keyword Ideas section in the left hand navigation 2.

The keywords you now see are those that Google is showing in the “Searches related to” part of the SERPs for all the keywords that the domain is already ranking for.

The table will show you more or less information, depending on your screen size, due to the responsive design of the Toolbox.

On Desktop machines you will generally see the columns keyword, competition, searchvolume, traffic trend, cpc as well as buttons for a keyword history (where available) and “show SERPs”. All of these are explained more closely in our tutorial on the keyword evaluation.

Most of the time, this list needs to be condensed in excel, which is why you will likely always export these lists. To do so, simply click on the at the top right hand side of the result-box at 3 and then choose Export table 4.

Now you have a CSV file, which can be imported into Excel and other spreadsheet software.