Keyword Ideas: Feature improved

The Keyword Ideas feature in SISTRIX highlights keywords for which your website is already successfully ranking and then suggests other, similar keywords. In this way you can expand the content of your website, achieve new rankings and more visitors from Google.

The feature has now been updated with data. Particularly useful is the search intent analysis. This allows you to immediately see what type of information customers are looking for, heloing you to decide on the content type that will be suitable.

As standard for the initial view in this feature, we have enabled a filter that excludes keywords with the intent “website”. These are almost always brand names and ranking for them brings in most cases neither visitors nor sales.

SEO keyword ideas table example

You can also individually filter the more than 50 SERP features evaluated by SISTRIX. In this example the video feature is selected. The results show opportunities for which new content with a video might have a good opportunity.

Filtering SEO opportunities using SERP feature filters.

You can then either export the results in full as a CSV / Excel file or transfer them to the list function with one click. With the automatic keyword clustering, for example, you can clearly see in which direction topics should go:

Analysing a list of SEO keyword opportunities