Optimizer: JavaScript Crawling now by Google Chrome

Following Google’s recent switch to the evergreen Googlebot a few months ago, we’ve adjusted our own crawler accordingly. Javascript crawling in the Optimizer will now use a recent version of Google Chrome.

Many sites use JavaScript in order to construct interactive elements and pages. Our Optimizer has supported the crawling and parsing of JavaScript pages for many years.

A few months ago, Google announced that the Googlebot would be using a current server-based version of the Google Chrome Browser. With that it brings support for many modern Javascript Features to Googlebot for the first time.

The Javascript engine in the Optimizer is now built on the same technology as in Google Chrome and will stay updated in the future. Features that the Optimizer captures and correctly renders will also be correctly rendered with Googlebot. To enable Javascript in an Optimizer project, go to the project settings and activate the Javascript crawler box. 1. The new Javascript crawler will be enabled from the next site crawl.