Worldwide Performance and Uptime Monitoring

The Optimizer now has two new, interesting features. On the one hand, we now check the actual loading times for the startpage of your project from different locations including: San Francisco, Toronto, New York, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Singapore and Bangalore.

We will check the performance once a day and you can find the evaluation in your Optimizer project at “Performance > World map”. For this evaluation we look at the complete loading time for the page, including all resources such as pictures and JavaScript files.

Optimizer Performance World map

Secondly, we will now keep a close eye on the uptime of your site: Our Optimizer will now quickly check the startpage of your domain every minute. If this check fails we will retry the availability of the page even more often. Thanks to this, you will notice even short uptime problems. This evaluation waits at “Performance > Uptime” for you.