What is the difference between the “Updated” and “Date” columns in a project?

The tables containing rankings in the onpage projects show a column with a date. Depending on the view, the value can mean something different.

There is a table under Rankings>Keywords in each project, provided that keywords have already been defined in a project. This table essentially offers two different settings: The table either shows “Live Data” or data for a specific day. If the live data is selected, one column is called “Updated”, if a day is selected, it is called “Date”.

  • By default, the “Live Data” is displayed first in the overview. Next to the green “Filter Now” button, you can see an additional “Live Data” button with a pulsating icon. The live data always shows the most recent data available. The date when the data was last updated is then shown in the “Updated” column.
  • If you click on the button “Live Data”, you can then use the calendar to select the day for which you would like to have data displayed. Once you have selected a day, you will then find a different column at the end of the table. The heading is now “Date”. The value no longer refers to the time when the query took place, but to the day for which the query is being used.

A brief example to help you understand: A keyword was added on Monday, 01.01.2018. If the keyword is updated weekly, the actual query takes place between 01.01.2018 and 07.01.2018. However, the query is used to create the data point for 08.01.2018 (one week after the initial creation).

If you see the column “Updated”, the table shows when the data for this keyword was last updated in the database.

If you see the column “Date”, the table shows the day for which a data point was created. Technically, however, the queries could also have taken place on a different day before that (as explained in the example above).