When two computers talk to each other they are the most reliable if you have pre-defined return values. On this page you will find the return values for the SISTRIX API.

System codes

Error CodeError MessageExplanation
100wrong API keyThe API code is either wrong or invalid.
200not enough creditsNot enough API credits left for your account.
403permission deniedYou do not have the necessary permissions for this query.
404unkown methodThe method provided in the query is unknown.
500internal errorA general error has occured.


Error CodeError MessageExplanation
1000no resultsYour query returned no results.
1001no valid dateNo valid date was provided.


Error CodeError MessageExplanation
2000domain not foundUnable to find the specified domain.
2001domain not monitoredWe do not monitor the specified domain.


Error CodeError MessageExplanation
3000keyword not foundUnable to find the specified keyword.
3001no keyword historyThis keyword belongs to the extended database. The SERP-archive is therefore not available.


Error CodeError MessageExplanation
4000project not foundUnable to find this project.
4001no current projectsUnable to find current projects.
4002no keywords projectsUnable to find keywords for this project.