The Leaderboard shows successful posts and accounts, both overall and for more recent periods on Instagram, TikTok and the YouTube platform.

First of all select the platform that you would like to analyse. For that you can use the three buttons for Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

The three networks available in the SISTRIX influencer search

As a second step you can select the type of analysis. In this case you have three options available:

In the Leaderboard you can see the hot posts, the top accounts or the winners and losers.
  • Hot Posts: the most successful posts (measured by likes) of the last 24 hours.
  • Top Accounts: the most successful accounts (measured by followers/ subscribers) in total.
  • Winners & Losers: the accounts which have won or lost the highest number of followers/ subscribers during the last month.

Video walk-through with closed captions