Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

Within the features "Instagram", "Facebook" and "Pinterest" in the SISTRIX Social Module, you'll get a detailed overview of any domain's social interactions across these social networks.


Instagram data for bbcgoodfood in the SISTRIX Toolbox

In this table the Toolbox will show an overview of the Instagram accounts related to the domain you’re analysing. You’ll find the official account of the domain (if present) and accounts that created Instagram posts tagging the official account – potential influencer accounts.

The table shows the following data:

  • Username: Name of the Instagram account.
  • Bio: Bio of the Instagram account.
  • Follower: Number of Instagram followers of the account.
  • Engagement: How many followers interact with the account. (Percent average)
  • Post frequency: How often does the account publishes new posts on average.
  • Visindex: SISTRIX Influencer Visibility Index for the account.
  • Visit profile: Go to the detail page for the account in the SISTRIX Instagram tool.

Click on the account name or on the last icon to see more details about the profile. You can also reach the Instagram data tool within the SISTRIX Toolbox via the yellow box at the bottom.

Remember that SISTRIX tracks only the accounts that have more than 10.000 Followers during the last 3 months.

Facebook and Pinterest

Facebook data for bbcgoodfood in the SISTRIX Toolbox

This table shows you a list of URLs for the evaluated domain (or host, directory or URL for detailed-evaluations) which have the largest number of social signals in Facebook or Pinterest.

In the table you’ll see the following data:

  • URL: Domain’s URL that was shared in Facebook or in Pinterest.
  • Total: Total number of social interactions for the URL in Facebook or in Pinterest.
  • Likes, Shares, Comments: Total number of Likes, Shares and Comments for the URL in Facebook, or the total number of Shares for the URL in Pinterest.

This list can be used, for example, to identify content on your own website or your competitor’s which have attracted a large number of reactions within the social networks. This creates direct traffic and the content will likely see more links.

Click on the + icon at the end of each row to see more information about the URL.