If I have an XML-sitemap, do I also have to provide an HTML-sitemap?

It is indeed recommended to provide both an XML-sitemap as well as an HTML-sitemap.

The XML-sitemap serves as a structured table-of-contents for search engines and helps them find new and deeply nested pages. Whereby the HTML-sitemap mainly serves the users, as it increases the usability of your website. But thanks to this, it also has a positive effect on search engines.

The Google-Bot will follow every link on a website and crawl the page behind the link. If your website also has an HTML-sitemap, you will enable the crawler to better understand the structure of the website and find the content more easily.

It should also be mentioned that the Google Webmaster Guidelines require you to make a sitemap available to your users – this is the HTML-sitemap.

Provide a sitemap file with links that point to the important pages on your site. Also provide a page with a human-readable list of links to these pages (sometimes called a site index or site map page).Google Webmaster Guidelines, Design and Content Guidelines

Google Webmaster Guidelines, Design and Content Guidelines

We recommend using both an XML-sitemap as well as an HTML-sitemap

Every webmaster can quickly and easily create an XML- and HTML-sitemap for their website. The online sitemap generator XML-Sitemaps.com will help you with this task.

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