SISTRIX-Plex: Our Offices in Bonn

Have you ever wondered what the SISTRIX offices are like? As an internet- and software-company, we do not usually interact with our customers, candidates and interested parties in our offices, but via email, phone or chat. To give you an idea of what our offices are like, we set up this page so you can see what goes on at SISTRIX.

Our 1000sqm offices in downtown Bonn are home to about 30 employees. We are quite pleased to have found office space which meets our ideals of a modern working environment, which is still within Bonn’s city center, an area where rebuilding efforts in the post-war period (when Bonn was the capital) sadly all to often focused mostly on constructing functional buildings made of concrete.

Our offices are made up of an old building and a new building. The old building is at Thomas-Mann-Straße 37, only a short walk from the Central Station and in the immediate vicinity of Bonn's pedestrian zone. The building was fundamentally renovated and expanded before we moved in. On the days of special Google updates we enjoying flying the SISTRIX flags.

Our seminar and conference room is on the first floor of the old building. This is where our regular SISTRIX Toolbox Seminar in Bonn take place. The buildings almost 4 meters high ceilings, large windows and plenty of space allow sufficient freedom even on the more intensive seminar days.

We will also always find space for the obligatory table football, PlayStation, marble runs, flying remote-controlled fish and similar gadgets.

Much of the content created in the previous years has come from the second floor of the old building: tutorials, videos, IndexWatch postings as well as our articles are created here.

On the third floor of the old building – right below the roof - the programming of the SISTRIX Toolbox takes place. While our servers are housed in professional data centers, here is where front-end, as well as back-end functions are reviewed, expanded and created from the ground up.

The old and new buildings are connected by a garden. The chestnut tree provides us with shade and plenty of leaves in Autumn. The new building consists of four floors and an underground car park with additional parking space for bicycles.

The workplaces on the first and second floors of the new building can be divided by sliding panels attached to the ceiling. Thanks to this, the office space can be customized to fit our changing needs. All floors possess sound absorbing ceilings with integrated LED lighting.

The third floor of the new building offers sufficient space for lectures and training events for large groups of up to 60 participants. We take advantage of this opportunity and offer one to two lectures on relevant subjects before the Bonn SEO Regulars' Table.

Both buildings feature a fully-equipped kitchen with the new building having dedicated coffee kitchens on the first and second floors. We also always stock free water, coffee and fruit for all our employees.

Would you like to work in the SISTRIX Plex every day?

We are always looking for new talent to join our team.