Google December 2020 Core Update

Google announced the December 2020 Core Update on 03 Dec 2020. This reference page will provide you with information and data about the update.

The December 2020 Core Update was announced by Google on 3rd December 2020 via a Twitter announcement via the @searchliason account.

How do I find out if I’m affected by the December 2020 Core Update?

The vast majority of sites will remain unaffected by the change but those that are affected may see major changes. The daily Visibility Index can help to identify changes and you may also see data in Google Search Console. There are some important points to note.

  • Changes in rankings may not be a direct result of the algorithm on your domain, but a reaction due to changes in a closely related competitor domain.
  • Small domains usually have large % changes in the normal course of SERPs updates and Core Update changes may be difficult to spot.
  • There have been many cases where changes have occurred on a website at or around the data of the Core Update. Webmasters should always consider that their site may have been affect by local changes.

How big is the Dec 2020 Core Update?

We continuously monitor movements across SERPs and make summary data available for free with our Google Update Radar tool. Data is available for five countries.

Our current data analysis for the rollout is available here.

Google update radar for 6th December (data from 8th Dec) showing large movements in the SERPs.

SISTRIX customers and trial users will be able to view Visibility Index graph changes (usually from 24-48 hours after the changes start) in the Toolbox. A list of risers and fallers, also available with daily changes, is also available in the Toolbox.

We will update here with information, examples and data as and when usable and reliable data is available.

Further analysis will be available below when we have analysed reliable data.

What is a Google Core Update?

Google has a long history of core updates. Google implements hundreds, if not thousands of small changes every year but the core updates affect a large number of websites. No detailed information is given on the core update and what it affects apart from the usual (and correct) “create website content that users love”, and advice to pay attention to Google’s Search Quality Raters Guidelines (PDF)

What keywords have moved for my domain?

Toolbox users and trialists can find out what keyword movements have occurred on a daily basis by using the ranking changes feature. We have a full keyword changes analysis tutorial available here.

How to check for keyword ranking changes in the December 2020 Core Update

Set the 1 start date and 2 finish date to see ranking changes. Use the Filter Rankings menue to refine the changes.