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Google updates and algorithm changes

The goal of every Google algorithm change, also called Google Update, is to (further) increase the quality of the search results for the user. Google uses more than 200 ranking factors to determine the quality and relevancy of every URL. Google’s ranking algorithms help get the most relevant information from the Google-Index.

YearAsk SISTRIX topics on Google updates and algorithm changes
2015Google Panda Update 4.2
2015Google Core Algorithmus Update (Phantom Update)
2015Google Mobile-Friendly Ranking-Faktor Update
2014Google Pirate Update 2.0
2014Google Penguin Update 3.0
2014Google Panda 4.1
2014Google HTTPS Ranking-Faktor Update
2014Google Payday Loan Update 3.0
2014Google Panda Update 4.0
2014Google Payday Loan Update 2.0
2014Google Page Layout Update #3 (Ads Above The Fold)
2013Google Penguin Update 2.1
2014Google Hummingbird Update
2013Google Payday Loan Update
2013Google Penguin Update 2.0
2012Google Page Layout Update #2 (Ads Above The Fold)
2012Google Exact-Match Domain (EMD) Update
2012Google DMCA Penalty
2012Google Penguin Update
2012Google Venice Update
2012Google Page Layout Algorithm Update (Ads Above The Fold)
2011Google Freshness Update
2011Google Expanded Sitelinks Update
2011Google Panda Update
2010Google Caffeine Update
2010Google May Day Update
2009Google Vince Update (Brand Update)
2008Google Dewey Update
2007Google Buffy Update
2005Google Big Daddy Update
2005Google Jagger Update
2005Google Gilligan Update
2005Google Bourbon Update
2005Google Allegra Update
2004Google Brandy Update
2004Google Austin Update
2003Google Florida Update
2003Google Fritz Update
2003Google Esmeralda Update
2003Google Dominic Update
2003Google Cassandra Update
2003Google Boston Update
20021st documented Google Update

Google Update Overview

We have compiled all algorithm changes into a helpful Google Updates Overview. You can simply type in a domain for free and see how it did in weeks of public Google Updates.

Google Updates

Video explanation from Google / Matt Cutts on this subject

Matt Cutts from Google explains: What are some of the metrics that Google uses to evaluate whether one iteration of the ranking algorithm is delivering better quality results to users than another?

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