How do I recognise an Algorithmic Penalty?

An algorithmic penalty is the sanctioning of a website by one of Google’s algorithms. With this kind of penalty there was no manual processing by a Google employee. Due to this, an algorithmic penalty can not be lifted by a Google employee during a manual review. Submitting a reconsideration request would therefore not be effective.

How do I recognise if a domain is afflicted by an algorithmic penalty?

Thanks to the SISTRIX Visibility Index in the SEO module of the SISTRIX Toolbox, you can make the effects of Google algorithm changes visible for any domain. Thanks to the automated event pins shown by our system, you can identify the changes within the SISTRIX Visibility Index in the weeks of well-known Google Updates.

This domain was hit by a penalty thanks to the Google Panda Update
This domain was hit by a penalty thanks to the Google Panda Update

What may be the cause of an algorithmic penalty?

Essentially any violation against the Google Webmaster Guidelines will do. Google uses a few filters to automatically detect if a website violates said guidelines. The most well-known and most common are the Panda Update, the Penguin Update as well as the Penguin Update 2.0.

Video: How can I tell if my site is affected by a particular algorithm?

How can you tell if your site is suffering from an algorithmic penalty, or you are simply being outgunned by better content?

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