Alternatives to the SISTRIX Toolbox

At SISTRIX, we know how important a lever SEO is in your marketing mix.

We work tirelessly to improve our Toolbox with usefull features that help you in your day to day work and we believe that the prices for the Toolbox are very fair, considering the amount of data and features you get access to.

But what happens if you are just starting out with your website and you do not believe that you can afford our SISTRIX Toolbox yet? Well, first we would suggest you still get in touch with us so we can help you figure out what you really need for your future SEO success and how much the SISTRIX Toolbox would cost you.

If you are still not sure wether you have the budget after that, then don’t worry, we are not going to leave you out in the rain 😉 On this page you will find a number of free tools that you can use in order to get your online marketing measures off the ground.

All of these ressources are completely free of charge and we have not added anything, that we do not believe will help you better understand your website or the competitive surroundings.

Free Tools

Free SEO tools, direct from the market leader.


Discover Instagram Hashtags


Optimise Google Snippets


Measure SEO success and check visibility


Spot Google Updates

Free Google Tools:

Google PageSpeed Insights

This Google tool will analyze a URL and return both a numeric value on a scale from 0 to 100 of how quickly the page was able to load as well as give you clues on which parts should be improved. The evaluation is for both desktop and mobile versions of the page.

Google Trends

With Google Trends you are able to get trend data for any keyword you like, straight from Google. You will not see any search volume but a chart with the relative popularity of the keyword within your set region. Use this tool to figure out the seasonality of different keywords and see which terms users in specific regions use most.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

You need a Google AdWords Account in order to use the Keyword Planer. Within this Google tool you are able to gather ideas for how much your SEO and SEA keywords are searched for. This tool will show you more data the longer your AdWords campaigns have been active.

Google Analytics

This analytics solution from Google has to be integrated into your website and will then give you insights into many aspects of how many visitors your website has as well as how they interact with your site.

Google Search Console

Once you verify your domain with Google, you will be able to get a multitude of interesting information about how your pages perform on Google’s search results, such as the Click-Through-Rate (CTR). Google will also send you informational emails within the Search Console, for example if they think your site has been hacked or if a manual action was taken against the site.

Other Recources:

Bing Webmaster Tools

This is Bing’s version of what Google calls their Search Console. You will get insights into your website’s performance on the Bing search result pages, such as the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and much more. You will need to verify your domain with Bing in order to use the Bing Webmaster Tools.

The Moz Toolbar – Browser Addon

The Moz Toolbar is a free browser addon for the Chrome browser which enriches both websites and Google’s search result pages with additional information such as link data, HTTP status, social metrics and much more.

SeeRobots – Browser Addon

This little browser addon for both the Chrome- and Firefox browsers will conveniently show you the information meta robots tag in the head section of the website your are viewing at that moment.

Ayima Redirect Path – Browser Addon

This browser addon for the Chrome browser will resolve any redirects going from the webpage you typed in and will show you all of them in a path structure. This way you can quickly see if the correct redirects are in place.

Screamingfrog SEO Spider

The Screamingfrog SEO Spider is a standalone program for your PC which crawls your page like the GoogleBot does and enables you to dig deeply into your website’s structural data. Screemingfrog offers a free version which will crawl up to 500 URLs. The amount of data you will receive might be a little intimidating at first but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to answer most questions you might have about how Google can see your website. Aside from the free version there is also a paid version of this tool, which comes with additional features.

SeoTools for Excel – Excel Addon

As the most popular table calculation program worldwide, Microsoft Excel is at the center of many company processes. With the free Excel addon “SeoToolsforExcel” you are able to set up Microsoft Excel to run a large number of SEO related tasks. Aside from the free version there is also a paid version of this tool, which comes with additional features.

Is SISTRIX really that expensive?

When we came up with the pricing model for the SISTRIX Toolbox it was always important to us that you get the best data for a fair price. 

Since SISTRIX started, over 13 years ago, we have added numerous functions, data and analyses, but we have always mapped them into the same module system. Through a survey, we found that this model does not reflect the real expectations of many users.

As a result, and after discussions with long-standing professional customers and partners, we have developed a tariff model that offers all customers greater benefits.

With the previous price model, you had access to the full scope of each feature by booking individual modules. For example, with the SEO module, all functions from this silo, but not including even the basic functions from the Optimizer module.

After the reform of our tariff models, SISTRIX services are available in different levels of feature access, but always across all modules, as has been established as a market standard. 

You can compare details on our new price and function page. If you have any questions, please contact our Support. We will gladly help you figure out what you really  need and how much the Toolbox will cost you.

And please always remember that a large benefit of our Toolbox is the time you can save for your routine evaluations. Consider what an hour of your time is worth and how many hours per month the Toolbox can save you, while helping you increase the quality of your evaluations? If you and your time are valuable, then the Toolbox will not be expensive.

We wish you all the best and hope you succeed with your projects!


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