Keyword Research

Category Check

Analyse the competitor landscape for all Amazon categories – Who’s buying what product from what reseller and at what price.

Wide-Ranging Category Analysis – Results in focus

Even when products are usually found on Amazon via the product search, analysis of the categories gives you valuable insights. With SISTRIX you can examine all Amazon categories.

Category overview data for Amazon
Leading category brands on Amazon

Whether brands or retailers – Winners discover a niche

Discover the category kings: which brand, which retailer dominates a niche? Find out and analyse each Amazon category in detail and at the push of a button. Up-to-date data and evaluations guaranteed.

Around search – Which keywords are used to find products?

From category to keyword: use the assignment of products to categories to quickly discover which search terms are used in a niche. Data for the organic Amazon results, the paid positioning, or both combined.

Combined organic and paid keyword list for an Amazon category