Product History

Product History

We don’t throw any data away. Discover how prices and resellers for a product change. Find out when new reviews are published.

Learn from the past, to improve the future – Historical data

We don’t throw anything away. With SISTRIX you always have a view of the past. You can extract trends and developments from it and often even predict the future – for products, retailers, brands and more.

Amazon price history data

Europe in focus – Analysing UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain

Funktioniert ein Produkt oder eine Marke in Deutschland besser als in Italien? In Frankreich besser als in Spanien? Mit SISTRIX kannst du es messen – aktuelle Daten aus allen fünf großen, europäischen Amazon Marktplätzen: Deutschland, Italien, Frankreich, Spanien & England.

Does a product or a brand work better in the UK than in Italy? Better in France than in Spain? With SISTRIX you can measure it – current data from all five large European Amazon marketplaces: United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

Amazon data from multiple countries

Bought Viewers – Evaluate the retail media history

Money talks: Amazon paints good positions in the product search engine with silver and, increasingly, gold. With SISTRIX you can easily analyse which advertisements are placed for a product or a brand.

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