Product History

Product History

We don’t throw any data away. Discover how prices and resellers for a product change. Find out when new reviews are published.

Learn from the past, to improve the future – Historical data

We don’t throw anything away. With SISTRIX you always have a view of the past. You can extract trends and developments from it and often even predict the future – for products, retailers, brands and more.

Amazon price history data
Amazon data from multiple countries

Europe in focus – Analysing UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain

Does a product or a brand work better in the UK than in Italy? Better in France than in Spain? With SISTRIX you can measure it – current data from all five large European Amazon marketplaces: United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

Bought Viewers – Evaluate the retail media history

Money talks: Amazon paints good positions in the product search engine with silver and, increasingly, gold. With SISTRIX you can easily analyse which advertisements are placed for a product or a brand.

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