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Why is SISTRIX better than Helium 10 and Jungle Scout?

We are not entirely unbiased on this subject. However, to provide you with the best answer, we will answer the best way we know how: with objective, verifiable data and facts.

Decisions based on well-founded data and not on gut feeling – your basis for lasting success on Amazon. The following comparisons demonstrate that not all tools are the same:

Reverse ASIN Analysis

The reverse ASIN analysis is the tool of choice to analyse with which keywords a product is found in the Amazon search. You enter an ASIN and the tool provides you with a list of ranking keywords.

Screenshots from 08.12.2021

Direct Comparison: Casio FX-991DE X

As an example for a product we will compare the amount of keywords found for the Casio FX-991DE X calculator (ASIN: B00VB2ISDM) in SISTRIX, Helium 10 and Jungle Scout:

Data from 08.12.2021

SISTRIX finds 3.3x as many keywords as Helium 10 and an astonishing 26.3x as many keywords as Jungle Scout for this calculator. On which data basis would you rather make decisions?

Not an Individual Case: More Comparisons

The following table with 10 random products from – a varied mix across all categories and product types – shows that this is not purely an individual case:

Data from 08.12.2021

SISTRIX finds the most keywords for 8 out of 10 products. Helium 10 is slightly ahead for two products. Of all tools, Jungle Scout does not find the most keywords in any case.

The SISTRIX Conclusion

On average, for the 10 ASINs examined, SISTRIX finds around 6.5x as many keywords as Helium 10 and an entire 12.4x as many keywords as Jungle Scout in the reverse ASIN analysis.

Still not convinced? Then test SISTRIX for Amazon – with a monthly term and the package that suits you best.