Brave launches privacy and security focused search engine

With Brave Search, Brave is now offering a new, proprietary search engine as a beta. The combination of browser and search engine could provide a helpful counterweight to Chrome / Google and Edge / Bing.

brave browser

The highlight: almost all results come from their own index. While other Google competitors such as DuckDuckGo or Ecosia primarily build on Bing’s technology and index, Brave uses its own crawler and index for most searches.

This was made possible with technology developed in Germany. As a result of the turmoil of the Corona crisis. Brave took over Cliqz, a shareholding of Hubert Burda Media, and Mozilla. The new Brave Search engine is based on this.

The range of ‘true’ search engines with their own, independent technology including crawlers, parsers and indexes, is small, and after Google and Bing there is not much more to be found, at least in the West. Any competitor offering the full stack is more than welcome.

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