Google Search On 2022: Fewer organic results, more organic content

Once a year, Google presents current search projects at the Search On event and gives us an insight into the future of Google search. Yesterday, the time had come again. These are my three most important insights:

Multisearch: With the name Multisearch, Google plans to make the leap from entering pure (text) keywords into the search field to a variety of input options: For example, by searching for songs with the mobile phone’s microphone, translating text with the mobile phone camera, searching for fashion with the help of screenshots and so on. For me, the approach has the potential to achieve what the pure voice search approaches of recent years have failed to do – move away from text search.

More colourful Knowledge Panels: Google will redesign its numerous Knowledge Panels. This will make the search results more colourful, visually more exciting – and less organic. Google is taking the opportunity to blur the lines between its own content and other content. It becomes clear once again that the future of search is on the mobile phone and not on the desktop. For Google, I see the danger of a “Yahoo-ification” – SERPs become cluttered, complex and at some point a competitor does it simpler and better.

More content directly in the SERPs: In general, Google strives to display more content directly in the search results. A new integration for content from discussion forums will combine matching posts in a box in the future. If there are news articles in other languages, Google will automatically translate and display them. The obvious goal: more organic content but fewer organic links – users should find their answers in the search results and not leave the Google ecosystem.

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