IndexWatch 05/2009

Another month has passed and here are the current IndexWatch-numbers. Just as a short reminder: these charts are based on our Visibility Index and show the winners and losers of the (organic) Google-index. As usual, we start with the winners:winners


It seems that has recuperated from a penalty, which was probably put in place out of nowhere, due to the too rapid link- and ranking-growth in the weeks prior. After the heavy loss in July of 2008, Hot-Maps gained some ground once again, though this subject is annoying enough due to the Universal-Search-integration of Google Maps. Otherwise, it seems to me, that the reason for most of the other winners, can be found in (hopefully) solid SEO-work; we will see. Now we move on to last month losers:



It seems that, as far as the losers are concerned, Google picked out the one or other not completely organically grown link-network: in any case, the disproportional amount of travel-sites points in that direction. Many domains that already harbored a penalty in the past, have been hit once again.

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