SEO-News for the Jilted Generation

When I started this blog, it was purely a newsblog: when Google brought a new data-center online I felt it was worth a post; if there was a Googledance it was newsworthy in any case. This has changed noticeably over the last few years. By now, there are longer posts that may take up a newsposting but which will then get augmented by my own data and experiences. The news themselves do not get their own postings anymore.

Now it just so happened, that I bought and this quickly brought the idea of a SEO-news-blog back to the surface. The role-models for this for this are English websites like Search Engine Land and Search Engine Round Table but also blogs like the Google-Watchblog, all of which are doing a terrific job. Besides the most current daily news, I could imagine us doing interesting interviews and reports from large SEO conventions. I would be delighted if you would take the blog into your Feedreader and followed the complementary Twitteraccount.

PS: At the end of the month, the SearchEngineStrategies will be held in Berlin and we are looking for a blogger that would be interested in covering this convention for

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