EPA’s Climate Change Content Resurfaces via Google

One day before the start of Donald Trump’s inauguration, on the 16th Jan 2017, we recorded an authoritative presence for the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) climate change web pages. On the 28th of April 2018 the EPA announced website changes and content was removed. Among it was a large amount […]

How well do you understand Google? – The Content Myth

We can’t get a degree in SEO. Anyone can call themselves an SEO and anyone can tell the stories they want which can lead to problems with misinformation. Especially vulnerable are the companies and newbies who are passionate to implement SEO because, due to lack of knowledge they’ll believe everything.

Holistic Content – Hype or SEO-Magic-Bullet

For a while now, many practitioners in the professional SEO circles have been talking about holistic content. The idea behind holistic content is to create a page (URL) and have an extensive amount of information on a specific topic on that one page, in order to supply the best possible […]