Holistic Content – Hype or SEO-Magic-Bullet

For a while now, many practitioners in the professional SEO circles have been talking about holistic content. The idea behind holistic content is to create a page (URL) and have an extensive amount of information on a specific topic on that one page, in order to supply the best possible […]

Is Google or Facebook the main traffic source for publishers?

In August 2015, Parsely.com – a content analytics platform – released an Authority Report where they suggest that Facebook has surpassed Google as a top referring source to publishers. But is this true? Many European publishers would disagree. Anyway, one and half years and a number of report updates later, […]

Buying links that others earned… Why not?

If you have the budget for it, then the easiest way to push your domain on Google is by buying an entire domain full of links, that others had to earn through long years of hard work, and then redirecting all content to your domain. If the domain grew organically […]

SEOs should care more about using redirects correctly than how much PageRank gets passed

For a long time, many SEOs have been talking about whether 301/302/307 Redirects pass on PageRank. Now, Google has confirmed that “30x redirects don’t lose PageRank anymore“, which is a very important information. This issue actually becomes irrelevant when you know that in general redirects are not used correctly and this is the […]

How Google Evaluates Links Using The User Signals From Google Chrome Browser

There is growing evidence, that Google can identify and devalue unnatural links very well by using User Signals. Already in 2014, we wrote about the fact that Google has the possibility to evaluate links by using data from the Chrome Browser. Using the User Signals on how often a link […]

Only fools will ignore link building

Recently, a blogpost in another German blog with a large readership and wide converage reasoned that, in our day and age, link building is not important anymore. When it comes to blog posts like these, we are motivated the most by the fact that, on the internet, if no one […]