Maximilian Matthe

Maximilian Matthe (1992) holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Economics (Minor: Computer Science) from the University of Würzburg and a M.Sc. in Money and Finance, focused on Financial Economics and Econometrics, from Goethe University Frankfurt.

During his studies, he tutored undergraduate lectures in mathematics, worked as a software engineer in a tech-startup and as an analyst for a Fixed-Income Investment Fund.

Since October 2017 he is a doctoral student at the Chair of Electronic Commerce at Goethe University.

In his research, he focuses on analyzing competitive positions and their development over time. Specifically, he examines the question of how market participants can measure, investigate and forecast changes in their competitive environment. He investigates such temporal developments, for example, for product portfolios of listed companies, the online visibility of websites or the positions of political parties. To do so, he develops both novel methods and adapts those from natural language processing, dimensionality reduction or network analysis and combines them with (often unstructured) panel data.