How do I export the links from the Google Search Console?

In order to download your links through the Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) you need to connect the domain to your Search Console. Once this is done you can go to “Searchqueries” within the Google Search Console and select the “Links to Your Site” option. Now you are finally […]

How do I integrate data from Google Analytics?

We currently use Google Analytics data in SISTRIX LinkRating for two purposes: First, referrer URLs are added as potential link sources, which broadens the data basis for the evaluation, and secondly, the system rates pages from which many users come to your own site as a positive sign. In order […]

Why aren’t all links used from the uploaded file?

We use the uploaded link files from different sources to expand the data basis for our link crawler. In doing so, we only use the source URLs that were not featured in other data sources. In addition, we use a maximum of 100 URLs per host so as not to […]

What is a disavow file?

A disavow file lets you invalidate links on your domain. After the successful verification of your domain in the Google Search Console, you will be able to upload a disavow file. Google analyses the contents of the file and will take this into consideration when evaluating these links to the […]