SISTRIX Features

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Integrate the SISTRIX data into your processes and tools with the API

Use the SISTRIX data in your own processes and tools.Compatible with Microsoft Excel, Google Apps and Google Data Studio.

The SISTRIX Toolbox API – easy access to the Toolbox data

Starting from the “Plus” package, the API access is included in every SISTRIX account – without any additional costs or required add-ons. Simply generate the API key and get started.

SISTRIX API documentation example

Open to everyone – Easy entry, fast results

Everyone can get along with the API – we’ve deliberately set the barrier to entry low. You can take the first steps in your browser, determine whether the correct data is being delivered and continue from there.

Leaves no questions unanswered – Extensive documentation

Our documentation leaves no questions unanswered. all API functions are described in detail and the available parameters and settings are explained. Select the desired function, insert the API key and off you go.

Sociable – Compatible with Excel, Google Apps & Google Data Studio

The SISTRIX API works with Microsoft Excel as well as with Google Apps (Google Sheets) and the Google Data Studio – there is even a suitable Data Studio Connector for Data Studio to easily import data.