SISTRIX Content Discovery

Search Engine Optimisation

Discover and analyse successful content in your niche

Search for the best examples – With SISTRIX Content Discovery you can leading texts from over 500 million successful pieces of content. With social shares and SEO metrics.

Your content search engine – Browse over 750 million successful pieces of content

With SISTRIX Content Discovery you can search over 750 million successful pieces of content. As a specialised search engine for content marketing, you will find successful content right away.

SISTRIX Content Discovery example

Blueprint for content success – Leading examples, in every niche

Success can be planned. Use Content Discovery to discover suitable content models in your niche. The wheel has already been invented so you don’t have to reinvent it – just find it.

Content + Google + Facebook = Content Discovery

In SISTRIX Content Discovery we combine all the relevant key figures from the largest marketing platforms of our time. Social signals from Facebook, visibility and number of ranking keywords from Google and the content of the page itself.

Filtered in no time for complete flexibility

In order to help you get ahead with exactly the right ideas, from over 500 million pieces of content, we have equipped Content Discovery with powerful filters and sorting options – all completed in a split second.