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Display and Text Ads expose what’s important for your competitors

Discover your competitors’ Google ads, learn from their ad copy, and analyse display banners

Discover your competitors’ Google Text ads

For which search terms does my competitor use Google Ads? How has that developed in the last few months? Which sites does it advertise with the most? You can answer these and many other questions with SISTRIX.

SISTRX ads list including types and search volume, CPC and position
Ad copy for

Compare successful ad copy at a glance

Creative and strong ad copy makes the difference between success and failure. In SISTRIX you can see the texts used by your competitors at a glance.

Spread across the Web – Which display ads are the others using?

Display ads are ubiquitous on the internet. Our web crawlers record these banners so that you can evaluate them. Find new campaigns from your competitors, discover fresh designs and ideas.