SISTRIX Features

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Reports – automated, personalised and tailored for you

Automatically generate extensive and individualised reports with your logo – for yourself, for use in your company or for your customers.

Regularly in your inbox – Reliable PDF reports with the right key figures

With the reporting functionality in SISTRIX, you can have exactly the right figures and information that you are interested in, regularly and reliably sent as a PDF report. direct to your inbox.

SISTRIX Reports example

Flexible and complete – Add every SISTRIX element to a report

You can add (almost) every SISTRIX element to a report. Simply click on the little gear icon in the upper right corner, select the report and you’re done – you’ve already enhanced your report.

Dashboards are like reports, but always up to date

The dashboards work similarly to reports. Add the evaluation that interests you and access this dashboard at any time with one click – always with the latest data.

With your logo, your colours and without SISTRIX – White label reports

While we are big fans of our logo and our colours, we also understand that sometimes it’s not needed. You can your design and deliver SISTRIX reports so that our brand cannot be seen.