Technology Analysis


Technology Analysis

Find out which web technologies are used: over 1,000 technologies – from the web server, to the CMS, to the payment provider of billions of websites.

What software do they use? Recognition of over 1,000 technologies

Our web crawlers capture many billions of web pages every month. They check the presence of more than 1,000 web technologies on the basis of a list of signatures – from web servers and CMS to payment providers and shop systems.

List of software technologies used to server the website
Top hosts using reCAPTCHA

The most important technologies first – Sorting by Visibility Index makes it possible

You only want to find the domains that use MailChimp for newsletter dispatch and get their visitors mainly from Germany? No problem with SISTRIX, simply filter and sort – by Visibility Index.

Is Shopware or WooCommerce more widespread? With SISTRIX you can measure it

Independent and comparable – with SISTRIX you can determine which technology is more widely used and compare these values with each other. No guessing, just measuring.