Beta: Instagram Analysis

Instagram is the leading social media platform for influencers. To shed some light on this, often obscure, ecosystem, we’ve been collecting Instagram data for some time and are now bringing it together into a beta version of our Instagram Analysis tool.

As a highly visual network, data-driven transparency is not one of Instagram’s core competencies. We fill this gap. Based on more than a billion posts, you can find, rate and classify content, hashtags and influencers in the SISTRIX Instagram Analysis tool.

Our Instagram tool is still in a beta phase. We look forward to your feedback, ideas and feature requests. Please feel free to send them to

Current Features

The following features are a first insight into the possibilities that the data-set provides. If you have further ideas for improvement, we’ll consider them for implementation.

Influencer and Account search

In general, we evaluate all Instagram accounts we can find that have more than 10,000 followers. Currently there are 2,369,806 accounts, and the number is growing daily.

For the results list we combine information from the account (like number of followers) with the posting activities during the last 3 months. If you were, purely hypothetically, interested in Instagram accounts dealing with dachshunds, the search for the hashtags “#sausagedog” and “#teckel” (the important denomination for a Dachshund in Germany) provides a good selection:

Instagram influencers list

Sorting takes place in descending order of account visibility on Instagram. We’ll share more details on that at a later time. You can, however, sort and filter all other columns (Follower, Engagement).

Account Insights

Under Account Insights we combine all the information about an Instagram account. The number of followers is included along with the follower history over the last few months and years which provides a good idea of how dynamic and organic the follower growth of each account is:

Instagram followers growth

You can also view and export the most successful posts in the account (in terms of the number of likes or comments) in a clear table:

Instagram top posts

Additional features show you the most used hashtags of the account and other important stats.

Top Posts

The top posts show the most successful Instagram posts (by number of likes) for the last 24 hours, 7 days, and the previous month. Here you can quickly see which topics are currently in demand and the big accounts that regularly get a lot of likes.

Try the Beta

If you are already a customer of the Toolbox and have activated the Social Module in your account, just click here and start using the beta directly:

To the Beta Instagram Analysis in the Toolbox

If you are a customer, but have not yet activated the Social Module, we have the following suggestion: we will activate the beta for one month for free and, in return, you give us feedback. If this sounds interesting for you, please contact our support team.

Unfortunately, if you are not a Toolbox customer, you can’t use the beta. But Toolbox access is always worthwhile, even without the Instagram beta.