The Story of Sistrix

The domain
In 2002 Johannes Beus registered the domain and started publishing regular news, opinion and the first SISTRIX SEO data and tools.
The SISTRIX Toolbox.
In 2008 Johannes Beus launched the SISTRIX Toolbox which rapidly became a market-leader, and a reference for measuring SEO in Germany.
The SISTRIX API interface
Freedom for the data! With the addition of the XML and JSON API in 2009, customers were able to integrate their own tools with the SISTRIX data-set.
Data for Europe
In 2010, 4 new european coutries joined the SISTRIX data-set. Visibility data from France, Italy, Spain and UK is still available in the Toolbox today.
The Optimizer takes regular SEO chores and automates them. It begins life with its regular checks for on-page problems and highlights areas where improvements can be made.
SISTRIX Smart is introduced to helop smaller websites with on-page analysis and optimisaion tips. The free tool becomes a starting-point for small websites starting their SEO work.
SISTRIX LinkRating
Links have always been an important Google ranking factor. LinkRating was introduced to analyse site backlinks and to return a list of potential issues and opportunities.
More new countries
The selection of countries covered by SISTRIX is vastly expanded. At this point, SISTRIX now has data for 30 countries.
Seolytics aquisition.
With the aquisition of the Hamburg-based company Seolytics, SISTRIX strengthens its position as the market leader in Germany.
Amazon data
When it comes to online shopping, Amazon is number-one, which is why, since 2017, SISTRIX has been collecting data from Amazon Germany, and making it available to all.
The future!
Stay tuned for new developments!