LinkRating: Evaluate the Quality of the Link Profile

In March 2014 we added the new feature “LinkRating” to the link module. Its purpose is to rate the quality of a website’s link-profile and to transparently display these links. With LinkRating you manual link audits become even more efficient.

Tips for Detecting a Naturally Grown Link Profile

In this tutorial I want to offer a few tips on how you can use the SISTRIX Toolbox to check how natural a link profile looks. For this tutorial it is necessary to have access to the link module. Natural profiles are very important when it comes to a sustainable […]

Checking top link destinations for their availability

It is essential for the overall quality of the project that the URLs within your website can be reached. Particularly important pages are those which contain links from external webpages. The SISTRIX Toolbox shows these pages in the link module, in the section “Linked Pages”. Checking after a relaunch You […]

Finding Poor Links Through Filters

The SISTRIX Toolbox enables you to use different filters in the link module – a comfortable tool to quickly analyse links for any website. For your own domains filters become useful and important when you are searching for inferior links. This tutorial will show you how to use filters to […]