SISTRIX Christmas Fundraiser 2023: You Click, We Donate

Christmas is also a festival of traditions. That’s why our Christmas big wheel turns again this year . Our goal: 10,000 euros of funding for the ‘worlds emergency medical organisation’ – Action Medeor.

Continuing crises in the world, compounded with new and emerging problems, be it natural or the result of human activity, mean that emergency organisations must continue to provide support where it’s needed the most. We hope that you’ll join us with your clicks in our Christmas fundraiser.

SISTRIX continues to grow, to support its staff and to support the local community. We’ve had a successful run of Digital Marketing Meetup events this year, and we’ve supported a number of local meetup events including WordPress meetings and the Bonn Greeters organisation. We’ve also, once again, grown our office space, and grown our staff numbers.

And of course, we’ve made great steps forward with our Google and Amazon tools, and are planning for more expansion. We’re still hiring!

10,000 euros for Action Medeor

We’ve all experienced the need for medical equipment, even if it was a simple testing kit or medical mask. In many parts of the world there’s a day-to-day struggle to get even the basics to the people that need them.

The Action Medeor philosophy of low cost medical aid has been active since 1964 and uses a network of health centers, organisations and equipment suppliers to distribute the support where it is needed. From water to maternal and child-care, across the Libyan floods, the earthquake in Morocco, the war in Ukraine and much more. You can help us, help them.

You click, we donate

The Christmas campaign thrives on participation With every click on the green button, the SISTRIX Christmas big wheel rotates live. In addition, you’ll regularly catch various employees waving a thank-you in front of the camera!

For every click that makes the big wheel turn, we donate to the emergency medical organisation Action Medeor, until the donation goal of 10,000 euros is reached. 

We wish everyone in the world a peaceful and merry Christmas season (and great visibility)!

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