Core Update, Reviews Update November 2023 -Status, Examples and Data

Quickly following the previous two updates in October 2023, the Core update and Reviews update have overlapping dates which makes it more difficult for SEOs to analyse the separate impacts of the two core changes. This post shows data and examples that will help you identify the effects of the two core updates.

The November 2023 Core update was announced on the 2nd November. Our data shows that the SERP movements started on the 2nd November.

The November Reviews update was announced on the 8th November and some domains appear to have reacted directly after the 8th. Google stated that this would be the last time that the update would be announced as it is “being improved at a regular and ongoing pace.”

Info-pins in SISTRIX Visibility Index Graphics have been set accordingly.

Details of all previous Google updates are available in the complete list of Google updates.

Google Update Radar, UK

Google UK update radar, 20th November 2023

As of 20th November, 0920 CET, the updates are still active.

How to check the impact of Google updates

The Visibility Index is a live indicator of organic search visibility. Use the latest data to monitor and analyse, down to URL level, the latest changes for your domains and those of your competitors. Global event pins will appear in the tool for domains that have visibility changes during the week of the updates. A no-charge trial is available.

The Google Update Radar, shown above, can always be found in our free SEO tools area. The radar is available for five countries.

The free Google Update check tool will show you how any domain has increased or decreased in VI during the week of each Google update registered in SISTRIX.

November Core Update examples

Domains with losses can be seen starting both from the 2nd November, with a second set seen on the 6th November:

Example domains losing visibility from the 2nd November. (SISTRIX, UK data)
Example domains losing visibility from the 6th November. (SISTRIX, UK data)

Some candidates have been seen outside these dates but they may be changing due to other effects. One example is, the British Library, whose very large presence was negatively affected by a cyber attack at the tail end of October and into November.

Domains with gains can be seen from the 2nd November:

Top 20 losses by percentage

The top losing sites, by percentage, often give us the clearest insight into what is happening underneath a Google update. In this case we are dealing with two updates but these examples, with notes, might help you to do your own research.

November Google Updates: Top 20 losing domains by percentage. Data: SISTRIX, Google UK.
DomainVisibillity Index 01.11.2023Visibillity Index 20.11.2023Percentage changeNotes
bl.uk25.092.26-91.0%Hacked site
yandex.com5.082.07-59.3%Reviews update losses August gains
thechive.com2.511.15-54.2%Meme reposts drop in VI and /p pages
indigo.ca3.251.62-50.2%Probably hacked in guides
brill.com2.331.26-45.8% in subdomain
channel5.com4.112.30-44.1%Possible geoIP block
bleacherreport.com18.3910.46-43.1%Syndactated content. AMP. in info library
wallstreetmojo.com8.665.04-41.8%Financial knowledgebase losses
canon-europe.com1.881.11-41.0% site. Losses after strong growth. losses
savemyexams.com2.251.37-39.2% topic-related losses
rugbyworldcup.com2.011.22-39.0%Potentially out of QDF after quick gains
lloydspharmacy.com14.298.88-37.8%Big losses in blogs (informative)

The example above shows a clutch of small, but established, fashion-related domains rising.

User generated content platforms see gains has been rising for a few months in the USA. Since the Reviews update started, however, very large gains have been seen in UK search visibility. The domain is gaining in other countries too.

Reddit is an topic-organised posting platform, unlike many of the social networks which use a site architecture focused on usernames and groups. It’s not alone.

Closely related platforms include Quora and Medium, who’s visibility has also risen:

Large established forums have also seen rises:

Smaller forums too:

The newest among the large user content platforms is in the /advice directory under The new collaborative articles project saw gains starting in March 2023 but has currently reversed its upward trend.

Movements among the Top 100 domains

Here are the Top 20 winners among the top 100 most visible domains in UK search.

Top 100 domains: November Core Update gains (SISTRIX VI. Percentage changes. 7 days to 09.11.2023)
Top 100 PositionDomainVIPercentage change

Reference (as is usual), informational and fashion domains dominate this list.

Among the top 100 domains, here are the losses

Top 100 domains: November Core Update losses (SISTRIX VI. Percentage changes. 7 days to 09.11.2023)
Top 100 PositionDomainVIPercentage change

News media appears along with ecommerce in the losers among the Top 100.

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