SISTRIX Onpage Crawler Isolates Rendering Sessions Perfectly

Web crawlers such as the Googlebot, but also our SISTRIX onpage crawler, have developed significantly in recent years. Whereas in the past only HTML was evaluated, now it is full browsers that run Javascript and other resources.

It is important here that individual data present in a rendering process cannot be read or even changed by other rendering processes. This naturally concerns content from the well-known cookies and meanwhile also many other data storage options in the browser.

Merj, a consulting firm for digital topics, has now conducted an extensive study to investigate how well this works with the onpage crawlers of common SEO tools. Six different storage options were evaluated using the crawlers of 14 providers. The results at a glance:

Table showing scrawlers and the tests they passed and failed.

I am very pleased that our onpage crawler is one of four crawlers that has passed all tests with flying colours. We are the only provider of a comprehensive SEO suite solution to have achieved this.

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