International SEO – Netflix’ SEO Problems on Google and What You Can Learn From Them

One month ago, had a dramatic loss in Visibility on Google, all over the world. To mention just a few of their important markets: they lost 71% Visibility in the UK, 64% in the USA, 59% in France, 49% in Italy, 43% in Germany and 39% in Spain. Netflix […]

16 Useful Browser Plug-Ins for SEOs

We have added a large number of new workshop locations for our free Toolbox workshops, since the beginning of the year. Besides our workshops in Germany, we now also offer workshops in Austria, Switzerland, Spain and the UK and one of the most common questions we get in nearly each […]

Only fools will ignore link building

Recently, a blogpost in another German blog with a large readership and wide converage reasoned that, in our day and age, link building is not important anymore. When it comes to blog posts like these, we are motivated the most by the fact that, on the internet, if no one […]