Data privacy

We, the SISTRIX GmbH, Thomas-Mann-Str. 37, 53111 Bonn take the protection of your personal data very seriously and will strictly adhere to the data protection acts. We will only record personal data on this website within the necessary technical scope. We will not, under any circumstances, sell this data or share it with third parties, for any reason. The following description will give you an overview which kind of data we track and the steps we take to ensure this data is safe.

Information Processing on the Website

The SISTRIX GmbH automatically gathers and saves information in our server log-files, which your browser communicates to us. These are:

  • Time of the data transfer
  • IP address of the computer
  • Path for the requested file
  • HTTP status code of the transfer
  • Referrer-URL
  • Browser-Useragent

The SISTRIX GmbH is not able to match these data to a specific individual. We do not merge these data with other data sources and the data will be deleted after a statistical evaluation.


The website uses so-called cookies at certain points in the website. They act as a means for us to make our service more user-friendly, effective and secure. Cookies are small text files that are saved by your browser on your computer. They are automatically deleted after your visit to the website. Cookies do not cause any harm to your computer and they do not contain viruses.

The website may use the Google Inc. services Analytics and/or AdSense. Both of these services may save cookies belonging to Google Inc. or a third party to your browser. Google as well as Google authorized third parties may access these cookies. Most browsers give you the ability to prevent cookies to be saved, in general or just from this specific website.

Right to Information

You may always enquire about the personal data we have on file for you, the source of the data as well as the reason for storing this data. This information will be provided by our privacy officer.

Additional Information

Your trust is important. This is why we will always answer your questions about how we process your personal data. Any time you have a question that is not answered in this data privacy statement, or you want a more detailed explanation on any of the points within this data privacy statement, please contact our privacy officer.