Which Countries and Languages does the Optimizer Rank Tracker Support?

The keyword rank tracker in the Optimizer module supports the following country and language combinations. Andorra (Catalan) United Arab Emirates (Arabic) Arab Emirates (English) United Arab Emirates (Persian) United Arab Emirates (Hindi) United Arab Emirates (Urdu) Afghanistan (Persian) Afghanistan (Pashto) Antigua and Barbuda (English) Anguilla (English) Albania (Albanian) Armenia (Armenian) […]

Why does the Optimizer-crawler request my page once every minute?

One feature of the SISTRIX Optimizer is a continuous monitoring of your project’s uptime. For this evaluation, we will request the startpage once per minute, in order to make sure that we can correctly measure the uptime. These requests will use the following user-agent: ‘Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; SISTRIX Optimizer; Uptime; +https://www.sistrix.com/faq/uptime)’ […]

Where can I manually restart the Optimizer crawler?

You will find the “Restart Crawler” button by going to the “Onpage” menu.

How many projects can I create?

Evaluating LinkRating projects is a very sophisticated process: we crawl each link anew, establish over 50 ranking factors for each link and run all links through more than 30 rule-sets. In order to be able to integrate LinkRating into the link module for free, we use a slot system to […]