Why aren’t all the Google Ads for a domain shown?

Not only the organic Google results can be evaluated with SISTRIX – we also analyse the paid ads (Google Ads) that Google displays above and below the classic search hits.

While organic search results are displayed relatively reliably and comprehensibly for different users (there is almost no personalisation, only localisation), the situation is different for paid ads.

Both advertisers and Google control the display of ads in the Google search results very dynamically and individually for each user. Thus, as a Google user, you usually receive different ads for the same keyword for two searches shortly after each other.

Issues such as a maximum limit of ad displays per user (frequency capping), remarketing campaigns, the new Performance Max campaigns, very precise geolocation, targeting on specific devices, limitations to days of the week, times of day, languages and other factors also make the detection of ads significantly less accurate than that of organic search results.

While this makes complete coverage of all keywords and ads nearly impossible, the Google Ads data still provides a helpful outside-in look into the advertising strategies of competitors.