Stephen Kenwright

Stephen is co-founder and Technical Director of Rise at Seven, a creative SEO agency made in Sheffield. Previously Stephen has led digital at Pendragon PLC, the UK’s largest automotive retailer, and led strategy at Branded3, an SEO agency acquired by Kin + Carta PLC in 2013.

He founded SearchLeeds in 2016, growing it to 3,000 attendees at Leeds’ first direct arena in its 4th iteration. Since then he’s founded TechSEO Summat, Yorkshire’s technical SEO conference. He’s spoken at more than 100 events in 10 countries, including BrightonSEO, SMX, HeroConf and Learn Inbound.

Stephen is a student mentor at Sheffield Hallam University, where he graduated with an MA in Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature. He’s also a certified trainer for SISTRIX.

Twitter: @stekenwright

01. The Three Most Important Things in 2017 for Google Are: “Mobile and Mobile and Mobile”

With Ned, Stephen, Gerry and Dawn. Ned PoulterCEO & Founder Pole Star DigitalI’ve never heard that before. Dawn AndersonDirector Move It MarketingI have, I have yeah. Gerry WhiteSEO Consultant Just EatIt’s incredible that we’ve been talking about the year of mobile since 2011? Ned PoulterIt’s before that. It’s definitely before […]

03. Does Content Need External Links in Order to Rank?

With Dixon, Dawn, Stephen and Kirsty. Dawn AndersonDirector Move It MarketingIt’s got to be discovered. So you need something ,somehow linking to it, somewhere along the line. If it’s brand new content, it’s probably not going to rank immediately for anything, other than if is a massively popular page. Because, […]

05. Paid Links: Are Paid Links a Viable Strategy?

With Barry, Stephen, Kirsty and Will. Kirsty Hulse – SEO / Digital TypeSo when we say paid links, there are very different currencies. So there is giving a blogger a product or giving a blogger a voucher or literally just exchanging cash for money or content, so the moment you […]

06. Link Strategies: Which Link Strategies Are Recommended?

With Dixon, Stephen, Kirsty and Will. Will Critchlow – CEO & Co-Founder DistilledIt’s our priority, when we are developing a strategy to improve the authority of a particular domain, or to generate links to a particular piece of content, is increasingly moving towards making sure that we don’t only get […]

08. User experience: How Important Is User Experience for SEO?

With Gerry, Dawn, Stephen and Barry. Stephen Kenwright – Director of Search Branded3I think, when we are talking about machine-learning and we are talking about it more and more. We gotta ask, what are they actually learning from. It’s not about a growing link graph, it’s not about trying to […]

10. Brand traffic: What Are Brands and How Can You Utilize This Traffic?

With Will, Stephen, Dixon and Barry. Will Critchlow – CEO & Co-Founder DistilledI think the first thing here to realize is that we’ve gone backwards in data. Because pre not-provided, you were able to tell where your brand’s search traffic was going, you knew what your keywords were, you were […]

11. Personalization: Google’s Personalized Search Results

With Will, Stephen, Ned and Barry. Barry Adams – Founder Polemic DigitalEvery search result that you do on a search engine like Google is personalized to a certain extent. Based on your location, your search history, your click history and all the other factors – your social graph – that […]

15. Voice Search: How Will Voice Search Change the Way We Search?

With Ned, Stephen, Will and Dixon. Stephen Kenwright – Director of Search Branded3So, I think the common misconception about Voice Search is that it’s another way of searching Google and it just isn’t. So, if you use, Alexa on Echo you’re searching Bing, if you use Siri you’re searching Bing, […]

16. Social Signals are Not a Ranking Factor but Social Media is Important To Spread Your Content

With Gerry, Stephen, Ned and Dawn. Dawn Anderson – Director Move It MarketingFor me, it is access to the linkerati, effectively. It’s just access to those multipliers. That can actually impact ranking for you. It’s much easier to build those relationships. I know it’s cheesy to say, “build a relationship”, […]

17. Ranking Myths

With Will, Ned, Gerry, Barry, Stephen, Dawn and Dixon. Dixon Jones – Majestic Marketing Director – Receptional Founding DirectorOk, so I’ll start, and I’ll go with “more links does not necessarily mean better rankings”. The myth is, that you get more links you’re going to get better rankings. That doesn’t […]