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We believe that SEO should not be shrouded in mystery. We want to make Google's rankings both transparent and understandable. The result of our aspiration is the SISTRIX Toolbox. With it you will get all the important SEO-performance-indicators, for any domain you want to check. The Toolbox has been gathering all the important data for nearly any domain possible, since 2008. The results are just a click away, waiting in your internet-browser. This as well as the quality of our data and our unrivaled support has made the Toolbox the most popular German SEO-tool, for years.
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SISTRIX Visibilityindex
The Original - the globally recognised performance-indicator for SEO success

We came up with the SISTRIX Visibilityindex to allow for an easy way to evaluate how the Google-rankings developed for a large amount of keywords, for any domain.

For this we will automatically check the rankings for many million keywords each week, in more than 10 different countries. We use a special formula, augmented with additional data to calculate a website's visibility - you could say the market share - in Google's results. Thanks to the high degree of usefulness this Visibilityindex has quickly risen to become the default value for measuring visibility for SEOs. Even in the US you have experts and the media using our SISTRIX data "made in Germany", when they write about Google updates, for example.

The so-called SISTRIX-Index, a notable benchmark for a website's visibility on the internet...
Award-winning Support
Professional SEO know-how

A SEO tool can only be helpful if it is actually being used. Because of this we, over the last couple of years, put a lot of thought into the question of how we can help introduce newcomers to the area of SEO and support them as best as possible, along the way. We are not only content with offering straightforward tools that help you achieve your SEO success, we also want to offer a guide on how SEO really works, so that truly everyone can successfully work on their searchengine optimisation. As a result we probably have the best and most extensive support, by far, when it comes to SEO-tools - which is another thing that sets us apart from our competition. The SISTRIX Toolbox is so much more than 'just' a SEO tool.

Success through an information-advantage

You would like to know if your competition has a higher visibility within Google? Which rankings they managed to get for which keywords? For which keywords the are buying AdWords and which websites all link to them? All of this and much more can be answered reliably, clearly and easy to understand with our Toolbox.

This enables you to easily create meaningful competitor-analyses and figure out the secrets of your competitors' success. If you turn this information into action you can make sure no one will keep you from your success in Google.

The Optimizer will save you a lot of time and money

Wouldn't it be nice if someone would keep an eye on your website at all times and reliably let you know when technical SEO-mistakes are found? The SISTRIX Optimizer makes this dream a reality.

It automatically crawls your website the way Google does and will evaluate every page found and all the important SEO-criteria. All this at a speed unattainable by human hand. This saves you time and money. The results will be send to you weekly in neat reports.

Ich nutze die SISTRIX Toolbox seit ich mich 2004 auf SEO spezialisiert habe. Für mich ist sie das ideale Werkzeug um die Entwicklung eigener Projekte zu überwachen oder die vergangene Sichtbarkeitsentwicklung von Kundendomains zu analysieren bevor ich tiefer in die Analyse einsteige.
Kai Spriestersbach – SEARCH ONE
Perfect SEO-Reports
Whitelabeled in Your Design

You can be proud of a SEO-job well done. For this the Toolbox makes it possible to present your SEO-reports in your design and with your logo.

With our advanced technology you are able to freely choose the contents for a report from all the different evaluations available in the Toolbox. This way your customers or your superiors will receive the exact evaluations they need. The Toolbox will create the reports you set up automatically at your chosen intervals and can also send the reports to specific e-mail addresses you provide.

Time is money. Companies with multiple websites and SEO-agencies can set up report-templates which can be used to create reports for new projects in minutes, which can then be configured individually.

Linkdata with Googlebot SimTech
Professional link-evaluations from Google's point of view

Links are one of the most important ranking-factors. Though not every link holds the same quality, as far as Google is concerned, and the data are quickly out of date. A link-evaluation should not be about using as many links as possible, many of which may already be obsolete. It is important to use current and relevant link-data, the way Google would assess them. Due to this we raised the bar with our link-crawler.

With the help of all our data, we are able to steer our link-crawler intelligently to best simulate the Googlebot. We call this Googlebot SimTech. With this unique and advanced technology we crawl 500.000 pages per minute, which translates to more than 20 billion pages crawled, per month. During this process we find and analyse more than 250 billion links a month and will delete obsolete links in a timely manner. This means that you do not only get an extensive amount of data, but this data is also fresh and relevant, which is needed for a professional link-evaluation.

Make Google-updates visible
We created our event-pins to make Google-Updates, like the Panda- and Penguin-update, visible. All official Google-updates are added to the Toolbox and the corresponding event-pin will be shown automatically, if the domain's visibility has seen a noticeable change at the same time as an update. It has never been easier to recognise the effects of Google-updates quickly and react to them accordingly. You can also add your own event-pins, for example when you want to make a note of a website relaunch or any other event.
I have been using the SISTRIX Toolbox since the very beginning. It is the ideal tool for inhouse SEO with international portfolios. You are able to easily manage multiple countries and the SISTRIX API adds valuable information to your internal tools.
Sepita Ansari – Catbird Seat GmbH
Social Media
Monitor the social networks
Aside from searchengines, the social networks are useful sources for visitors to your website. Interactions on these platforms are also an important source of information on the success of campaigns and high-quality content. For this, the SISTRIX Toolbox will give you a clear picture of the five large networks Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. As with all the functionality in our Toolbox, you do not only have access to the data for your domain but for all your competitors as well as any other domain you would like to check.
International data at no additional cost
Infinite growth
Besides the USA the SISTRIX Toolbox gives you access to data from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Sweden (coming in 2015), Turkey (coming in 2015) und Brazil (coming in 2015) for your ad-hoc evaluations. With our SISTRIX Optimizer you are also able to set up your own keyword monitoring for more than 40 additional country-and language-indices.
Unique SISTRIX detail-evaluations
Success is in the details
Each website is made up of numerous different areas, such as different hostnames (subdomains), directories (paths) and URLs. Each area may show a unique development, which needs to be controlled individually, to make the whole website succeed. We wanted to make the unthinkable possible and offer you detailed evaluations for all these areas. For this we needed to re-engineer the entire database-architecture for the SISTRIX Toolbox. The result is the first SEO-Tool which shows you all the data for individual hostnames, domains, directories and URLs. The detailed evaluations offered by SISTRIX will show you a new SEO-dimension, never before seen by SEOs.
Mobile SEO
New: Smartphone Visibilityindex
Mobile searchqueries have drastically grown in scope, over the last few years, and have even passed desktop searches in some countries. On your smartphones Google rewards mobile-friendly websites with increased rankings and penalizes incorrect konfigurations on mobile websites. Due to this fact, we were the first tool to introduce a smartphone Visibilityindex. This enables you to quickly notice if everything is going well or if your domain is having trouble when it comes to mobile SEO.
Six modules
More quality for your money
The SISTRIX Toolbox is made up of the six modules 1) SEO, 2) Universal, 3) Links, 4) Ads, 5) Social and 6) Optimizer. You are free to subscribe to just a single module, expand to multiple modules or use all available modules, whatever fits your needs. This way you only pay for the modules you need and are able to afford real professional-grade tools. In just one click, you can activate individual modules in the Toolbox. The same simple process is used to deactivate a module towards the end of the month. You can try out our entire Toolbox extensively with our 14-day free trial. The trial will automatically end after those 14 days, no cancellation necessary.
Evaluate and optimise the organic searchresults within Google
Evaluate the Universal Search integrations within the Web-search for News, Pictures, Videos and many more
Uncover the backlink-profie for your own webpage as well as your competition and check for link-risks
Evaluate AdWords- and banner-campaigns for any website
Evaluate the social signals for the five big networks Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and LinkedIn
Onpage-evaluation for your website and tracking of your own keyword-set.
Starting at 100 EUR per month. Excluding VAT.
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