Can an RSS-Feed be used for link building?

Yes. This link building strategy is called Content Syndication. Content Syndication is the distribution and repurposing of content.

Updated Jan 2021: This technique is somewhat outdated in the 2020’s and should not be considered a sustainable link-building method. In some cases content could be copied and put in places where it can even be hurtful to your rankings.

Example: Content-Syndication using an RSS-Feed

If you run a website with a lot of current information, for example a news magazine, and publish new content on a daily basis or at regular intervals, then you can use an RSS-Feed for the distribution of this content.

Other website operators can (automatically) help themselves to your content through this RSS-Feed and use the content on their own website.

RSS feeds can help to distribute breaking news which could pass the eyes of editors faster than a social media share and might be the advantage that get your content linked in follow-up articles


This approach should not and must not be your only method of link building. Always keep in mind that the motto of sustainability is “quality before quantity”.

Video explanation by Matt Cutts / Google on the subject

What’s a good way to kick off a new RSS feed?

Is there a good way to kick off a feed in Google Reader by doing something like temporarily making the feed include a whole bunch of old content? Is it desirable to do something like that?

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