How can I check my website’s page loading speed?

There are a number of ways and options available for you to check the Page speed of your website.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google offers their own “PageSpeed Insights” tool, which helps you determine the PageSpeed of a website with a PageSpeed Score, a grading scale which can go from 0 to 100.

The website achieves a desktop PageSpeed score of 79 points, which still has room for improvements
The website achieves a desktop PageSpeed score of 79 points, which still has room for improvements

If you analyse a website with the PageSpeed Insights, you will receive concrete instructions for how you can improve your PageSpeed, in addition to the overall score.

Google Analytics

In Google Analytics you can check the average PageSpeed of a website, as well as other speed metrics.

Google Analytics example page
You can find the report in the category “behaviour” under “site speed.”
When using the key values from Google Analytics, it is important keep a few things in mind. Google will take redirects into account when they calculate the average page load time and they will only calculate the website-speed for users whose browser is able to support the HTML5-interface “Navigation Timing” or those who have installed the Google Toolbar. This can be the reason why these key values may fluctuate or why they may be different compared to other evaluations

Core Web Vitals

Core web vitals, a performance metric that will be used by Google as a ranking factor in 2021, are available in the SISTRIX toolbox.

Core Web Vitals shown in the SISTRIX Toolbox

SISTRIX Optimizer Lighthouse performance

With the Optimizer module you can also measure and track Core Web Vitals reported by our built-in Lighthouse performance tool. Not all figures refer to page load speed

lighthouse performance scores
Peak loads or changes of the availability/loading time of a website can be identified rapidly with the Optimizer

Chrome Browser Lighthouse performance checking tool

The Lighthouse performance tool is also available as part of developer tools in the Google Chrome browser. To access this, use the Inspect menu option, or Ctrl+Shift+i

Access the Inspect tool from a chrome browser.
Access the Insect feature with a right-click

Within developer tools, which usually appears to the right of the web page within Chrome, you can find a menu marked Lighthouse. Within this you are able to specify the Performance category and the type of device that wish to emulate.

Chrome lighthouse feature

Video explanation by Matt Cutts / Google on page speed