Nerdwallet to go public – The $5bn SEO Project

Founded in 2009, is now aiming for an IPO. Speculation is that the company could launch with a valuation of 5 billion US dollars.

Nerdwallet domain overview with visibility (footprint) graphic.

According to, Search (Google) is responsible for around 86% of visitors to the website. 
Of the 21 million visits per month to the IPO according to S1-Filing, around 18 million would come from Google.

Nerdwallet organic traffic split.

In the USA, the domain currently has a visibility index of 75 points, making it one of the 100 most visible domains on Google in the USA – roughly on-par with or

If you look at the keywords, everything that is represented promises a lot of clicks in the industry: “mortgage calculator”, “car insurance quotes”, “best credit cards” and many, many other search queries with high click prices.

List of high-value keywords ranking at

In its S1 filing, is very transparent about its dependency on Google: “We are dependent on internet search engines, primarily Google, to direct traffic to our platform, including our website.”

Extract from S1 filing for Nerdwallet

In 2017 there was apparently a short-term manual penalty. Nerdwallet confirms the drop in the visibility index: “[…] in 2017, Google took action against us which temporarily resulted in lower search rankings […]”.

It is also interesting that Nerdwallet actively targets search result features such as FAQs and featured snippets: “optimizes page structure to increase visibility […] also for Google’s premium features such as FAQs, featured snippets, and video results.” high value keyword rankings with FAQ in the search results.

Update: 27th October The S1 filing was updated on the 26th October with a launch share price range of $17-19 per share.

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