How many domains can I analyse with SISTRIX?

A key feature of all SISTRIX Tolbox modules is the unrestricted ability to view any domain you want, and all data available for that domain including keywords, URLS and rankings going back across the complete history of SISTRIX data. Our historical data is available for nearly every domain that has […]

How often is the data refreshed within the Toolbox?

The SISTRIX Toolbox is made up of a wide variety of different data and indicators. Generally speaking, we try to refresh every data type as often as it makes sense for the data and its economical justifiability. Which is why current and important Social Signals are refreshed on an hourly […]

How does the credit system work within the Toolbox?

There are two different credit systems within the SISTRIX Toolbox that we would like to elaborate on. Export and API credits You will receive 10.000 download-credits for each SISTRIX Toolbox module that you are subscribed to – which sets the maximum available credit limit to 50.000 download-credits in case you […]

Does SISTRIX offer SEO consulting?

SISTRIX is solely a SEO software vendor. This is due to us concentrating all our energy on improving and extending the Toolbox and related services. We also think it is very important to be extremely transparent to our customers. Most SEO agencies put their faith in our software and we […]

Which requests can I start via the search bar?

The search bar of the SISTRIX Toolbox is the entry point for a wealth of evaluations. That is why we would like to offer a list of all possible requests via the search bar. Evaluations of domains, subdomains, directories and URLs Entry of a domain If you only enter the […]

How do I delete domains from the lists of the Toolbox start page?

On the Toolbox start page you will find the most frequently used domains, hostnames and URLs for the profile as a quick access. The four most frequented will each be shown with a screenshot, and we show 10 entries below the search bar without screenshots. This level of personalization will […]

What is the difference between the extended and the common keyword database?

The SISTRIX Toolbox has a common keyword database with more than 1.000.000 keywords which we monitor on a weekly basis. This database is available for all the Google country indexes we monitor. For some countries, like Germany, Spain and the UK, we also have an additional, extended keyword database for […]